Building blocks added at the end of a word (suffixs):

3 -try
8 -ate
A -a (female person who)
AP -app, -application
BL -able/-ible (capabl of bein)
L -al (act/proces of)
NC -ance/-ence
BY -by
D -d (action > prop, past tense)
DO -do
SQ -esque
N -en (become, prop > action)
ES -ess (female)
ET -ette (small one)
C -ic
FL -ful(l)
FY -ify/-fy (make or becom)
GR -gear (tools)
HD -hold
IN -in(g) (continuing activity)
SHv-ish (quality of)
ISM -ism
IST -ist (person who)
V -ive (vin natur of)
Z -ize/-ise (become, see -fy)
LS -less (without)
LY -ly
MT -ment
NS -ness
O -male (person who)
R -or/-er (one who)
R -er/more (comparative, vergrotende trap)
S -s(plural)
SF -self
SP -ship (position held)
SN -sion
TL -tool
TR -ter (fraction)
TN -tion
ST -st/most (superlative)
TH -th
T -ty/ity
US -ous
WS -wise
Y -y (characterized by)
Z ‘s (possessive)


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