Theings are things and beings in a broad sense. A book is a theing, air is a theing as well. People, animals and plants are theings.

Words have no gender. A gender can, if required, be specified with a prefix or suffix.

Plural is always formed with +s.


  • 1 book, 2 books
  • 1 mous, 2 mouss
  • 1 woman 2 womans
  • 1 child, 2 childs

There’s only one exception to the rule of plural: personal pronouns

  • I (I)
  • U (you)
  • H ​​(he), Sh (she), T (it)
  • W (we) instead of Is
  • Y (you) instead of Us
  • Th (they) instead of Hs

In Synglish, all personal pronouns are generally (and if time allows for it) written starting with a capital, to express respect for one another. Also names are beginning with a capital.

Generally, no articles are used.

  • I read book, I read books
  • I buyd 3 books last week

Articles ‘the’ and ‘a’ are only used in case of emphasis or a complete lack of emphasis:

  • Barcelona s the football team for me
  • Tom ws just a lover of Zsa Zsa, Shd many lovers those days

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