Props (properties) tell you something about a theing or an action. It is preferred to put a prop after a theing or action, because it generally is a specification of the main word in the sentence. But: it’s ok and sometimes necessary to plug a prop before a theing

  • I buyd a car 2nd-hand
  • Pres Obama s in White House

With the suffix -ly the user indicates that the prop is linked to an action. Often the prop is put before an action.

  • I secretly admired her
Possessive form

The possessive is always formed with +z (English: ‘s)

  • H cald with Peterz phone
  • Sh drivd fatherz car
Possive pronouns
  • Iz
  • Uz
  • Hz
  • Shz
  • Tz
  • Wz
  • Yz
  • Thz

I receivd payment. This car is Uz now.

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