The words in this category usually provide details (location, time, condition, status) for theing+action. In this category you also find exclamations.

Some examples:

  • there
  • hi
  • o clock
  • as
  • before
  • East
  • inside
  • always
  • place
  • recent
  • back
  • yes

Interrogative pronouns (specs)

These are formed with the question mark.

  • ?O    Who
  • ?T    What
  • ?R    Where
  • ?N    When
  • ?W   How
  • ?Y    Why

An interrogative sentence begins with a question mark. If there is an  interrogative pronoun at the beginning of an interrogative sentence, then there is only 1 question mark.

Date and Time

Dates and time specs.

In numerical notation you write them in the order of weight: yy-mm-dd hh: mm: ss (year, month, day, hour, minute, second).

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