Synglish is a new universal language that anyone can learn easily.

Synglish is short for “Synthetic English. And ‘syn’ (together) indicates that it’s a language that connects people. People with the same positive attitude express by communicating in Synglish that they belong to a group of individuals that make the world a better playground.

Synglish extends and refines daily. Users daily contribute new words, combinations of words and habits that can be included in the language. This is the platform site where users can contribute.

Synglish meets the conditions of a modern universal language:

  • The language should reflect the de facto standard English
  • The language should be as regular as possible and therefore easy to learn
  • The language must be practical for use on mobile / smart phones and tablets; the less typing, the better
  • The language should invite creativity: fewer elements and more combinations
  • The language must express a positive attitude (see 7 targets for a better world)